The Ashland Friends of the Library is a nonprofit, community-based support group for the Richard S. Gillis Jr. Library, a Branch of the Pamunkey Regional Library. The Advisory Board meets quarterly, and the membership meets annually. The Friends group supports library programs and community events, and purchases items needed by the library. For more details, read about our history and  our contributions to the Ashland Library.

Our Purpose

To foster closer relations between the Ashland Branch of the Pamunkey Regional Library and the citizens of the Town of Ashland, the County of Hanover, and its environs; to promote knowledge of the functions, resources, services and needs of the Library; and to support the improvement of the Library’s services and resources.

Current Advisory Board – Executive Committee and Committee Chairs

President:   George Spagna

Vice President:  Gary Williams

Secretary:  Kathleen Kenney

Treasurer:  Judy Johnson

Membership Chair: Lynda Wright

Refreshments Chair: Pamela Fay-Williams

Board Members: Stella Eidt, Barbara Myers, Pat Pace, Doris Hassell, Kurt Rabin, Nancy Kackley

To reach an Advisory Board Member, please send an email via the Contact Form.